Testimonials regarding ModBody Modifications and Mobility

If you are looking for a trainer, she and ModBody comes comes highly recommended from me–I especially think Stacey rocks at working with folks who have disabilities and accessibility needs while getting sweaty.


I’ve been a client of Stacey’s for over 6 months.  I have rheumatoid arthritis, and hoped a trainer could help me gain strength and work with my limitations.  I connected with Stacey right away.  She meets my body where it is that day, and works with what I am able to do each time.  If I come in and have a specific area that is hurting, she has no trouble coming up with exercises to work around it on the fly.  Stacey always helps me have a great full body workout, without making any of my joints hurt.  Each month I can feel myself getting stronger.  This has allowed me to do more things with my family without pain.  Working with Stacey has been wonderful; she has a calm demeaner and a great sense of humor.  I recommend Stacey to anyone, but I think she is an exceptionally gifted trainer at working with those who have health issues.