ModBody Fitness was mentioned on the Sweat Guru blog here: http://about.sweatguru.com/bootcamp-seattle/

Stacey was interviewed on “Get Out with Kerry Kel” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xSZU6nwAzI

So, I did an interval workout around my neighborhood today. As I did it, I was thinking: I wish I were in Seattle working out with Stacey. No really. I’m not joking.Here’s why: After every workout with Stacey, I come away feeling energized; then sore the next day (or two or three). In my whole body. I know this makes me stronger and raises my fitness level. Then I come back to do it all over again the next week. I’m not a masochist, but I do enjoy feeling and being empowered. Short and simple: You think you can workout as effectively on your own? In and out in an hour? You’re welcome to prove me wrong, but my guess is probably not. Stacey can. That’s why it’s her job!


Boot camp kicked my Italian butt. Let me just say, Stacey Sorgen, you are a badass. Thank you for that – looking forward to next week! Xoxo


Woke up this morning a little sore after a restful night sleep…thanks to the fabulous and kickass personal training of Stacey Sorgen and ModBody Pilates & Fitness! Stacey is awesome and works really wells with queer/LGBT folks and with folks with disabilities. Consider this a personal recommendation and an encouragement for you to book your very own appointment with her. 🙂


I didn’t even know I had muscles there! Thank you, Stacey, for building my confidence and making me feel the burn.


Sore muscles everywhere the next day = great workout!


THANK YOU for knowing just how far to push me Stacey.  You are a really gifted trainer, and I really appreciate your confidence in me and your cheerful attitude during the whole workout!  You make torture fun LOL LOL!


I personally work out with Stacey every week, and have benefited greatly from her daily encouragement, “I believe in you” attitude, and persistence to influence my life for the greater good. I even have a fitness journal, given to me as a gift by Stacey; that is my daily reminder to be active and healthy.  I can honestly say I am a better, healthier, and more well-balanced person by having her in my life. I am positive that all those she encounters will experience the same.

~Mandy P

I had my first ever pilates lesson with Stacey Sorgen, and she was so helpful to me as a complete newbie! She quickly described the history and evolution of Pilates to let me know what the focus of the exercises would be. Within one hour she taught me my previous thoughts about the gym to ‘push harder and further’ could be transformed to be ‘work smarter and more accurately’. She taught me a few ways to focus on my posture, breathing, and abdominal core, so that even small movements could work more.

~Kimberly V