Have you ever had someone that just made things click for you? Stacey is that person. She made things click for me, which opened up a bunch of new opportunities for me. She's kind and understanding but also she really listens to you which is rare. She also is good at making you slow down and relax WHILE providing solutions. She's amazing at allowing you to come to conclusions yourself so you never feel pigeon-held into doing one thing, she helps you explore your whole picture and come up with solutions that will work for you, which was nice feeling for someone who's anxiety-ridden like myself. Stacey is like the encouraging friend/parent/partner that you've always wanted, she helped me see things in a way I would've never seen them on my own and I can't thank her enough! I highly recommend that you AT LEAST have a phone conversation with Stacey I promise you, you won't regret it.


You know those "squad goals" memes that you see and you're like "Yeah! I want that!" Well, Stacey Sorgen is a living embodiment of those memes. Stacey is supportive and incredibly compassionate - she really, truly cares about her clients. If you're not feeling well during a workout or event, Stacey is on the case - she'll check in with you, help get you whatever you need to feel better, wait a bit, do another checkin, and followup with you over the next few days. I've worked out with other trainers and Stacey is above and beyond the trainer who most cares about her clients. That all sounds pretty touchy-feely, so you might think that you won't get a rockstar workout with Stacey - totally not the case. Stacey will push you, she will make you work hard, she will challenge you. Because of this, you will see results. You'll see improvements in whatever metrics you care about: measurements, stamina, speed, etc. Because Stacey is so hands-on and cares so deeply about her clients, she takes the time to really listen and understand goals and create a program that will get help you to surpass them. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Tired of your sedentary/sluggish routine? Well, then go checkout Stacey @ ModBody Fitness!!! I'm experiencing a true LIFESTYLE CHANGE, because of her!!! My weight has gone down & have a better relationship w/ food, because of the knowledge she shares w/ those she works w/. So lucky to have a genuine healthy guide on my side. Thank You Stacey!!!