37 Life Hacks…. efficiently live life, improve health, and save time for FUN!

youcanlife·hack ˈlīfˌhak/



noun: life hack

a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.


  1. Pack your gym bag the night before. Give yourself absolutely no excuses.
  2. Take 2 hours on a Sunday and cook all food for the week. Save 5+ hours & $.
  3. If you aren’t feeling “exercise”, change your clothes and just give it 5 minutes.
  4. Use a smaller plate, smaller bowls, smaller utensils. Reverse Supersize.
  5. The act of our face creating a smile can significantly improve mood.
  6. The less you eat sweets, the less you’ll crave them.
  7. Invest in a good water bottle. You’ll be more likely to use it!
  8. Grow an herb garden in your kitchen – save money and always have herbs!
  9. If you are confused about what to eat – 1 tip: avoid processed foods.
  10. When at a computer: look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 min.
  11. Use sunscreen every single day. Put it on when you get out of the shower.
  12. Put a bowl with your vitamins or pills next to the coffee pot. You’ll remember.
  13. Invest in a slow cooker – saves tons of time and dirties just one pot!
  14. Want to ease into exercise? Try doing 10 push ups and 10 jumping jacks each am
  15. Drink coffee black. Cheaper, less calories, more health benefits.
  16. For healthier eating: make each meal 50% veggies… and eat them first.
  17. Trade soda for seltzer. Make your own at home with a SodaStream – save money.
  18. Stretch or do yoga for 10 minute before going to sleep.
  19. Start a CSA box subscription. Veggies at your door, save money, help farmers.
  20. State your purpose or goals at the start of every day. Every day.
  21. Put a paper towel in a the container/bowl/bag with fresh greens in the fridge.
  22. Get the most juice from lemons by microwaving for 30 seconds.
  23. Don’t be afraid to order what you really want/need at restaurants. No one cares.
  24. When feeling overwhelmed by something, break it up into smaller goals.
  25. If feeling chaotic or depressed, try organizing and deep cleaning your space.
  26. Recipe for relaxation: inhale for 3 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 8
  27. If you are going for a run, the app Jog.fm will select music based on your pace.
  28. Can’t brush after a meal? Gargle with salt water.
  29. Itchy mosquito bites? A little salt and a little water do the trick. –My grandma
  30. Want to burn fat faster? A cup of black coffee before exercise can help.
  31. Always exercise on Mondays and start the week out on the right foot.
  32. When you feel like you need something but can’t figure out what… drink water.
  33. Avocados boost serotonin levels… they are also a good fat that brings satiety.
  34. Replace the butter in almost every recipe with coconut oil – healthy & dairy free.
  35. Women who walk an hour a day reduce their breast cancer risk by 14%
  36. Peppermint stimulates brain activity and helps you concentrate better.
  37. Add fresh or frozen fruit to water to make it more appealing.

I thought I knew…. and that I didn’t belong.

I write this for every person who doesn’t think they “fit in” to athletics. For all of us who have ever entered a gym; walked around, drank some water, sat awkwardly on a machine, and saw people flexing in a mirror – before promptly leaving. Maybe we entered the gym prior to a big event or in recognition of our New Year’s Eve goals – only to have the wind quickly swept out of our sails. Impatient guides showing us around the gym premises and crazy machinery while offering a pressurized sales pitch using words like “dial it in”, “ramp things up”, and “kickstart your program”. Then there was the “testing”. The squat-down and hold, the embarrassing caliper-pinch test, stepping on the scale in the middle of the gym, and BMI “testing” designed to make it clear just how much we “need” to be part of their gym. As if we didn’t know why we were here. It leaves us feeling both fat and out of shape – while utterly deflated at the same time. Invisible.

Looking around, it seems that as we receive our “results”, everyone else in view is in tip top shape and they seem to have all been given the same uniform of stretchy black yoga pants, bright colored tank tops or sports bras, and colorful shoes to match. Visiting all of the gyms that I did over the years, I can’t recall seeing anyone sweating. I just saw the glamour and didn’t feel I’d fit in. This is what I thought fitness was.


Well, I felt this way…….




Until one day, things changed…..


I don’t respond well to yelling….

How about you?

I had a new client in the gym this week for a one-on-one appointment. We met and she told me a bit about what she was looking for. She had done quite a bit of strength training during the week and was looking to try to get in some good cardio. I decided on a great high intensity interval circuit with “high” and “low” stations. I helped coach her through the drills; where to place her feet, where to focus, the speed to keep through the interval, etc.

When the workout was done, I asked, “How do you feel?” She said the workout was exactly what she needed!  She said that she “hates” cardio  – but the biggest reason that she knew she needed to get it done. I agreed that often the things that we find the hardest to accomplish are where we should focus more of our effort and attention – even though it can sometimes feel pretty horrible. She also mentioned that she was trying out lots of local gyms and had seen the style of many Seattle and Eastside instructors. She said that one of them yelled – and it was loud – and they had a microphone. She couldn’t understand a thing and between that and the loud music, she felt intimidated.

In a particularly large class, I may increase the level of my voice, but I wouldn’t say that I “yell at people”. I encourage. I support. I challenge. But I will never “yell”.

I don’t respond well to yelling. I feel it implies judgement, expectations that we are not meeting, and anger. I don’t appreciate being yelled at – and that is why I train the way that I do. 🙂  I think that a lot of coaches turn to yelling at their clients as a cop-out, a way to try to bully clients, or scare them into doing “more”. I believe that people should do more when they are ready and that they should feel supported when they do. As a coach, it takes more patience, better coaching skills, and more thought to help someone get through a situation calmly and on the client’s terms than it would to just bark or shout orders. I’d like to think that I’m improving myself at the same time. And for the clients who notice, appreciate it, and make it safely to their goals  – it makes all the difference.

Want more healthy and happy?


I am available for health coaching, seminars, exercise tutorials, specialty clinics, personal training, small group training, and group exercise classes. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly through my website or through by clicking here.

Resolving to make a Resolution?

Some sound advice from Dike Drummond, M.D. and original link below:

1) Don’t make a Resolution for the wrong reasons.

Don’t make one when you are drunk, because you think you should or you feel guilty because everyone else has one. Make a resolution because it is something you really, really want to change.

2) Go for “Juicy”

Here are three quick questions to ask to build a Juicy Resolution

a) Why is this resolution important to you?

HINT: If it is not important … fuggid abowdit.

b) What does reaching this resolution get you that you don’t have now?

Close your eyes, take a breath and imagine you have reached this resolution… how does it feel?

HINT: Always go for sweet, juicy, amazing… something that will feel fantastic when you get there.

c) How committed are you to getting this on a scale of 1 to 10 ?

HINT: If your number is less than 9… just let it go and walk away (or start over).

3) State your Resolution as a Goal

Resolutions are born from wishes, longings and deeply held desires. They have to be translated into GOALS before we can bring them to life. State your resolution as specific and measurable goal. You pass this test when anyone could tell whether or not you have reached it.


– Lose 20 pounds and maintain it for minimum of 6 months – Be in a happy monogamous relationship with a guy I REALLY like for minimum of 3 months – Have a new full time job in marketing making more than $5000/month

[Notice how these are more detailed and specific than the typical low quality New Year’s resolution]

4) Quit Before You Start

The biggest mistake most people make is jumping right in to a new action plan. We don’t see two important obstacles…

a) Our life is ful … there is no room for all these new actions.

b) There is a reason we don’t have this Resolution in our life right now… we have habits that get actively prevent us from having it.

The first step is to stop. Look for things you can STOP doing that are getting in the way of your resolution right now. This gets you out of your own way and makes room for your new actions.

5) Make an action plan

Write down the steps to reach your goal. If you are intimidated by any one step… chunk it down into smaller “bites” until you are more comfortable. Then take that first step. Each step you take will show you the next step more clearly.

6) Get an accountability buddy

Find a friend.

Tell them your resolution and why it is important to you.

Ask them to be your Accountability Buddy.

One 10 minute phone call a week is all it takes.

You tell them your action plan for the week and arrange next week’s call.

Then each week you call and report in. Tell them what you did last week and what you plan for this week.

Whether you did what you planned or not… all they do is ask this question.

“What did you learn?”

HINT: You can become accountability partners and buddy each other if they have a resolution too.

7) Tell everyone you know

Tell everyone you know about your resolution and why it is important to you. They will divide themselves into two camps: supporters and naysayers. You will be amazed how the supporters have kind words, resources and referrals to help you out — things you can’t even imagine right now.

Spend lots of time with your supporters. Stay away from the naysayers. Nuff said.

8) Treat yourself like a dog

No “nose to the grindstone” here. Celebrate every step of this journey… just like you pat your dog on the head and scratch its butt every single time it comes near you.

Promise yourself that no action step is complete until the action is done AND it has been celebrated. Pat yourself on the back. Pump your fist and shout “YES”. Have an ice cream sandwich. The bigger the step on your plan… the bigger the celebration.

9) Set yourself up for success by starting your New Year’s Resolution plan NOW!

The first two weeks in January are a perfect time to really go for your resolution while the rest of the world is in recovery mode from the holidays. Throw your plan into gear on 1/2/2012 and watch good things happen. Here’s to your extraordinary life.

Dike Drummond MD is known as the “Do-Over Doctor”. When you are ready for your do-over, fresh start, reinvention… let Dike show you how to use a “Functional Midlife Crisis” as a major shortcut to living your dreams. Visit his website at ThreeHourMidlifeCrisis.com or get your copy of the Midlife Crisis Handbook at Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Original Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dike-drummond/new-years-resolutions-tha_b_1172758.html

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Excuses.. excuses…









 We can be so mean to ourselves.


We can stop trying, before we even begin….even when we start out with really great intentions. Sometimes, getting started can be hard – but are you being honest about what is really holding you back? Getting down the reasons you hold yourself back is the key to moving forward.

 Don’t believe me? Here are some things I hear all the time. Ever said any of these?

Quiz #1

  1. I can’t do that.
  2. I’ve never been able to do that.
  3. I don’t think I can.
  4. I’m too tired.
  5. I changed my mind at the last minute.
  6. I don’t think I’m capable.
  7. I’m afraid.
  8. I’m afraid people will make fun of me.
  9. I’m afraid of failing.
  10. I’m afraid of suceeding.
  11. I’m afraid I’ll like it.
  12. I need to be in better shape before I go to the gym.
  13. I’ll start tomorrow.
  14. I’ll start on Monday.
  15. I’ll start on January 1st.
  16. I’ll be different next time.
  17. I’m not worth it.
  18. I don’t have time.
  19. I don’t have energy.
  20. I don’t have the money.
  21. I don’t have childcare.
  22. I am not athletic.
  23. I don’t enjoy exercise.
  24. I don’t have any goals.
  25. I don’t want to be bulky.
  26. I’m afraid of being too strong.
  27. I’m afraid I’ll quit.
  28. I’m afraid of athletic clothes.
  29. I don’t have athletic clothes.
  30. I don’t have support.

Have you said or thought 3 or more of the statments above? You are not alone. Many people have fear or apprehension about doing something new, different, and unknown. My career, my passion in life, is helping this be enjoyable, comfortable, and amazing for YOU. The way that I would train a local pro athlete is not the way that I would train you – unless you are a local pro athlete. Every person’s goals, body, mobility, endurance, focus – is different. There is no one-size-fits-all training here.

  1. I can’t do that. You CAN and WILL. You are capable.
  2. I’ve never been able to do that. Let’s try again! You are stronger than you think you are!
  3. I don’t think I can. I believe in you. You can and will – if you try. It might not be today – but it will happen.
  4. I’m too tired. Give it 5 minutes… Exercise for 5 minutes and see how it goes. 🙂
  5. I changed my mind at the last minute. I haven’t changed my mind about supporting you. I’m waiting.
  6. I don’t think I’m capable.  You are capable. You have power.
  7. I’m afraid. Fears can be conquered. You have strength.
  8. I’m afraid people will make fun of me. Who are these “people” and where do they live?
  9. I’m afraid of failing.  Failing isn’t an option. What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail? Be honest.
  10. I’m afraid of suceeding. Why, you’ll be AMAZING at success! Look at you go!
  11. I’m afraid I’ll like it. And what would that say about you? Athletic, healthy, strong?
  12. I need to be in better shape before I go to the gym.  You are perfect right now. I see the athlete in you!
  13. I’ll start tomorrow.  This is fear talking. You can do it.
  14. I’ll start on Monday.  This is fear talking. I believe in you.
  15. I’ll start on January 1st.  This is fear talking. You are capable.
  16. I’ll be different next time. This is regret talking. You are strong.
  17. I’m not worth it. Yes you are. You are incredible. You are loved and valued. You are worth it.
  18. I don’t have time. You have time for what you make time for. You are worth it.
  19. I don’t have energy. This is fear talking. You can do it.
  20. I don’t have the money. You have resources for what you make resources for. You are worth it.
  21. I don’t have childcare. You have resources for what you make resources for. You are worth it.
  22. I am not athletic. Says who? Try it and you’ll likely surprise yourself! You can do more than you think!
  23. I don’t enjoy exercise.  Let’s find something you enjoy! 
  24. I don’t have any goals. Don’t be afraid of all the awesome you can accomplish! You are worth it!
  25. I don’t want to be bulky. No need to fear weights! Weights are good! Weights Bulk
  26. I’m afraid of being too strong. Really? But, you’re so awesome! Strong spirit, strong body, strong will!
  27. I’m afraid I’ll quit. As they say.. “You can’t win the lottery if you don’t play”. Have faith. You have support.
  28. I’m afraid of athletic clothes. Come as you are and be comfortable.
  29. I don’t have athletic clothes. Come as you are and be comfortable. You look fabulous. No special clothes needed.
  30. I don’t have support. If you have read all this way…. you know this statement isn’t true. You have support.

How did you do on the quiz?

Harder on yourself than you thought? Are you standing in your own way? How do these excuses compare to the challenges overcome by your mentor, coach, or hero in life? When you really want something and you are ready to commit, there is nothing that anyone can say or do that would get in your way – I know that your mentor would tell you the same thing. No one gets to where they want away by sitting around and waiting for it to happen. Don’t “wait until Monday” or “New Year’s” and let your beautiful life pass you by. You are worth it. When it comes down to it… the million dollar question… what really matters in life? If you can’t say your health – maybe you need to evaluate where you are wasting your energy – and consider that it isn’t serving you, your family, your friends. You are the only You. You are important.

I see the athlete in you. I have cared for cancer patients who I saw taking their first steps after abdominal resection surgery. I have seen clients with rheumatoid arthritis take pride in being able to being able to drive their children to sports practice.  I have seen Leukemia survivors cross the finish line at marathons.  I have seen clients who said “couldn’t run”, run miles. I have seen clients afraid of weights become strong, not bulky. I enjoy the journey with each person. I’m grateful that all of these people are in my life. I see the athlete in all of them.

Whoever you are, wherever you are from, whomever you love – you are welcome here.




Are you a BULLY?

Hey Meanie!

Yeah, YOU, I’m talking to YOU! I’m talking to the voice inside of you that wants to look like you did when you were 16. You are kind of a bully! We don’t like bullies, do we? Odds are that you are sabotaging your CURRENT REAL SELF in order to hang on to those daydreams. You will NEVER SUCCEED. Know why? You AREN’T 16!  It is a hard process, but learning to accept and love your body for where it is now is the way to success.

This is a tough conversation to have; but we need to talk about this. Consider this like a “The More You Know” commercial or an after-school special on the cruelty of self-bullying.

Maybe you look in the mirror and think “why bother?” Or maybe you compare pictures from “now” to pictures from “then”.





Do you feel like you “just don’t have the energy”? … and then you beat yourself up about it…. and feel worse.





We don’t HAVE to be “skinny” anymore… quit doing this….. quit starving your body….




Why listen to magazines, television ads, and celebrities…. when you can listen to your own body…?




 Fly the “I’m Awesome” flag with pride. Know that you will never be the same – but you can be BETTER.




Consider what would happen if you stopped running over your own dreams…




And you started to believe in yourself and find success in all that you do?




Keep being amazing! You’ll go places – no matter what age!